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Jack’s birth

Jack Reuben Allott arrived on 26 October 2008 at 16:25pm. His birth was an awesome experience, that I’m still in awe of.

On Saturday (27/10) night at around 10 i started having some contractions. At first i thought that they were nothing, but some were quite sore and they pretty regular at 10 minutes apart. I was praying that this was finally it. I was nervous that they would go away and that id be going in for an induction on Monday night.  At 1 week overdue, i was getting tired of waiting but was petrified of being induced! I wanted things to happen naturally, and praise God, they did!!!

I was able to ger a few snatches of sleep, and at 1am, i started packing the last things into the hospital bags, made sure that Jessie’s nappy bag was ready, packed her breakfast and some snacks into the cooler bag and put some toys into a basket for her. at 4am, i woke up B and told him that he now had to wake up as he’d slept enough and i needed him. my contractions were 4-5mins apart and starting to bite a little. we let my mom know that we were in labour as she had to get ready to meet us at the hospital, to look after Jessie. my contractions got to 3 minutes apart, and we decided that it was time to go to hospital. B had to pack half the house (not really ;-) ) into the car, and off we went.

we arrived at the hospital at 6, and Jessie woke up. She normally sleeps until at least 7:15, so this was waaaaaaaay to early for her. I walked into the hospital carrying Jessie. The night staff had a good laugh at me, as there i was at 41.1weeks pregnant, in labour, insisting on carrying my child and refusing to go in a wheelchair! :-D i mean really, how many women are that crazy…???

We werent admitted straight away, but i was examined and strapped to a monitor. I was 3cm dilated. And my contractions stopped! they were beautifully regular at home, every 3 minutes, BAM!! and then nothing in hospital… they slowed right down to every 10 minutes. they let my gynae know that i was there and what was happening. She said that i could go home if i wanted to. 1 of the midwives said that i should probably hang around until the gynae arrived at 10, as anything can happen second time around.so we waited. every hour i was put on the monitor, but my contractions were few and far between. I was beginning to feel like a loony chick.

When the gynae arrived, she checked me, and i was 5cm dilated. how that happened, i do not know! i had hardly any contractions. she suggested that we break waters to speed things up. she said that if we did break waters, i would still have the baby that day. But if not, i could still be in labour for another 20hours!! at this stage it was 10:30am and i was tired. I asked her for a few minutes to chat to B about it all. (did i mention that he slept for an hour and half in hospital?) we decided to go ahead with it. The thought of another night with little sleep was a killer for me, as well as the possibility that id be too tired to push and end  up having a c-section is what made my mind up.

My waters were broken at 11am. i expected it to be sore, but there was no pain, just a gush. Then i started bouncing on the ball and pacing. my mom and jessie came in often to visit. jessie was having a blast running around and playing on the jungle gym, she hardly noticed that B and i werent there. about an hour after my waters were broken, it started to get sore. i was still breathing through the contractions, and could even talk through some. i tried to bounce as much as possible to get R’s head to descend.

at 13:30 i climbed into a bath with lots of hot water. it helped some, but i felt like i was going to throw up from the pain. i was starting to struggle. I had a pethadine shot at 14:00 , and was told that it would work in about 20 mins. relief… no, no, no, NO!!! my pain got worse! the pethadine is supposed to take the edge off the contractions, but has the side-effect of making you dilate faster.

3 o’ clock rolled around and i was swearing and cursing. the pain was/is indescribable! i couldnt speak, my contractions were every minute on the minute and i was scared of them. at 15:30 i asked for an epidural. they checked me and i was 7cm dilated. in the 10 minutes it took for the aneathatist to arrive and for them to wheel (yes i sat in the wheel chair :-D , i dont think i couldve walked if id tried!) me across to the labour ward, i dilated the last 3cm’s.

When i arrived in the labour ward, i was seeing stars from pain, had the personality of a dead fish, and was only saying “i cant” and another word a shant mention. i was so sore it took B and Jaqui to lift me out of the chair and onto the bed. i was prepped and poked for the epidural. It had to be a weak one as i was fully dilated. (thats right folks… i got ALL the way :-D :-D :-D ) before the epi could kick in, i felt this incredible urge to push. my whole body bore down and was trying to push R out. i couldnt control it in the least. apparently i lay there and said “its comming”and started pushing.  The epi was upped and the bearing down reflex went away. It really was the strangest feeling having my body just take over like that.

my gynae arrived at 4pm and double checked eerything. the anaethatist, who i sort of know, asked if she could stay. I didnt have an issue with it, and she was very relaxed, quirky and great fun to have there! everything was so relaxed. by this stage i was able to speak, laugh and joke again. we were all giggling and joking around so much that Belinda (aneathatist) suggested cracking open beers as it was such a relaxed vibe :-D .

4pm came time to start pushing. i could still feel my contractions, still wanted to push and could feel the pressure of R’s head. it took a few pushes and then R was crowning. 2 pushes later his head was through and 1 push later, R was here!! i had pushed him into the world all on my own. (im still amazed at this) the feeling was incredible! its the most insane high.

we were shown that R was a boy and he was  put on my chest. he didnt make a sound and was more flat and blue than jessie was. i got nervous. he didnt move and was floppy as floppy can get. he was suctioned and given oxygen. it felt like an eternity before he started crying. but my goodness, when he started he showed us that he had a very good pair of lungs on him. my mom and brothers could hear him from outside and they were in the passage outside the labour ward. I was stitched up, where i tore on my episiotomy scar. it was only a small tear and needed 3 stitches.

B and i hadnt officially decided whether R would be Reuben Jack or Jack Reuben. But after meeting him we decided that Jack Reuben it was. He weighed in at 4.065kgs (10grams lighter than Jessie) and 54cm long (2cm longer than Jessie).  he latched beautifully and drank for the next hour.

he is a beautiful boy! we are so blessed to have 2 such gorgeous children.

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