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8 already…

8 WHAT? 8 teeth! Jack has just cut his 8th tooth! he has all of his incisors now, and boy does he know how to use ‘em… on me!!
His new favourite thing is to bite me. Not just when he is trying to give me one of his lovely open-mouthed kisses, but randomly or for fun. he bites me arms, shoulders, hands, tummy, anything he can sink his very sharp teeth into. in fact i’ve said “ow” so many times, that its becomming one of his favourite sounds to make. However me saying “ow” and “no” seem to be very amusing to him. as soon as ive said it, he laughs at me! I think he is going to be a very strong-willed boy. wait, he is a very strong willed boy. he can throw a tantrum with the best of them, but he is still young, so we shall see.
None of that alters the fact that he is the most beautiful boy ever!

Jessie’s new food love is tuna mayonnaise with gherkins, she ate half a bowl for supper tonight. (half a can) she really has some strange food likes (for a toddler).
she loves tuna, gherkins, beetroot, mushrooms, sushi, olives, feta, cherry tomatoes.. to name a few. :-)
we think its very funny. if we have a greek salad, jessie and i share the olives, if i get there before she has eaten them all.

life is going pretty well. this week is set to be a busy one, and tomorrow im getting my hair done! yay!!! :-D im so excited! i love the feeling of freshly styled hair. i feel all girly and amazing… sigh… small like that mean so much to me.

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    and brownies! Jessie loves brownies. and who can blame her? your brownies rock! the ones you made today are by far the bestest, yummiest, most deliciousest, awesomenest i have ever tasted.

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