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let me start off by saying that not only am i sporadic blogger, im also a horrid blogger. everytime i decide to blog, i open up my “add post” page, and then go blank. I sit and try to formulate the words in my head, but it all just disappears. I remember having the same problem with essays at school. If I sat and thought about it, i got nowhere. But when i just sat and wrote (yup, when we actually used pen and paper), I did pretty well. So im trying the same tactic with my blogging. So for a while it may all seem disjointed and rambly, but hopefully it will all come together soon. ;-)

Jessie sang along to a song for the first time today. ever since Jacks birthday, we have been singing “happy birthday to jack”. this meant that either B or I, or both of us would sing. BUT today jessie counted to 3 and said “everybody sing” and sing the 3 of us did. It was too precious. she really is growing up so fast!

she is speaking so well, and boy can she express herself! i really do find myself marvelling at her communication skills. She is such a verbal bean as long as no-one new is listening in.

Im taking her to an Opthalmologist tomorrow. Whenever its bright out, she closes her left eye and complains about it. Its not just occasionally, its all the time. The paed reckons its best to just get it checked out as it may be a refraction issue. so heres hoping that its not too serious!

Jack is really starting to get very good at walking. he walked quite a distance today. i think he could actually walk 80% of the time, but hes just a bit lazy. (pragmatic according to the paed)

I am so in love with my family! Thank-you <ord for my amazing husband and beautiful kids!

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