21 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

WordPress for BlackBerry

My BlackBerry and I roll pretty tight. Where ever my sprogs are, that’s where I am and that’s where my BB will be. I wonder some days what I did before I had my BB.

I started my blog ages ago, but have been a very sporadic blogger. I’ve had many blog topic ideas, but have never typed them, or have forgotten them during the day. Many times I’ve opened up a my blog only to stare at the bliking cursor or get side-tracked reading other blogs.

A few days ago I downloaded the WordPress App for my BB. Its amazing. I’ve been able to start blog posts on the fly and flesh them out later. I can approve comments without logging in via my web-browser. I can edit easily and best of all… I can blog whenever I have a few spare moments. All without having to switch on my Mac! (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Mac!)

If I can do all this from my phone… Imagine what I could do with the PlayBook?!? Mmmm just thinking about the PlayBook makes me excited! :-D

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